8 October 2017

Settling in

Its hard to believe that we have been here 3.5 weeks. Actually we were in France for one of them, helping the Jones family settle into their new abode - you can follow along here - Chateau de la Ruche

Anyway back to us.  Its been an interesting few weeks, a lot of mishaps along the way involving water - leak from the bath, leak from the loo, broken stop tap involving an emergency plumber last weekend, slow filling loo, noisy/slow filling water tank, its was actually like chinese water torture.  But on the whole we are happy.

We have had most trades round now to check out the work we need doing, and are hopeful to get started soon.  Son in law Stuart has already removed and replaced the banisters and fitted new doors to the downstairs rooms, we like them so much we decided to get upstairs done too. We still have lots of boxes unopened as there seemed little point in setting up rooms only to have to pull them apart when the work starts, so its a bit like camping!!
ugly iron banisters give way to simple white

We have spent the day working outside, having a bit of a tidy in the front, washing down the fascias and cleaning windows, chatting to neighbours, they all seem very friendly so far.  Peter is currently replacing a chipped back door handle, not sure how that is going, I'm keeping out the way but there seems a fair bit of sighing going on!!

There are some good plants in the garden, all a bit overgrown but I am hopeful that we can tame them.  7 large conifer trees to come out, that will be fun, in fact 8 if you count the one at the front

A new fence to go up, the current one to the left has collapsed under the weight of ivy!  So as you can see we have our work cut out.  No chance to get bored and if we do there lots of wallpaper to come off

I'll leave you with a lovely rose from the garden

9 September 2017

Last innings

We finally find ourselves at our last weekend here in this house.  For weeks I never thought we'd get here.  I am sat at my craft table as our dining table and chairs went off yesterday to be stripped, waxed and painted.  A new look for the "new" house.  I sent along a side table and a nest of tables too.  I had planned to do these myself, but once I heard the price for a professional job decided whilst I would have the time, I'd never be truly happy with the results.  Plus its a couple of items we don't have to move on Thursday.

The packing is going reasonably well, we are at a point now where we still have to live, so our bedroom is intact, though I do need to pack our clothes.  The lounge has sofas and the tv,  the kitchen is sort of parred down. The front sitting room looks like this.  I wish I had had my camera handy yesterday when Gus got here and went to go in this room......priceless

the hall like this

and there are piles of boxes in the dining/utility/kitchen so its a bit like an obstacle course.  This weekend I am hopefully to consolidate them so I can start cleaning, that way we don't end up in a mad rush and I can leave here knowing that I left it presentable.

We have both had colds over the last 2 weeks which has helped to pull us down, Peter suffering badly with blocked sinus.  I think I got off reasonably lightly.

On Wednesday we interviewed for my replacement at work.  It seemed very odd going through my job with someone new, though I'm sure the person they are taking on will do a great job. Almost wish I was leaving sooner.  We will do a handover during my last week.

So there you have it a quick recap on where we are right now.  I guess my next post will be from our new home, have a great weekend

29 August 2017

Making the most of the weekend

What an amazing holiday weekend it has been, 3 days of wall to wall sunshine, and the forcast is for more to come.  September seems to be summer most years now so at least something to look forward to and enjoy, though the nights are drawing in fast.

After two days of sorting and packing - still plenty to do - we gave ourselves a day off yesterday and went for a cycle ride into St Ives, then on to Hemingford and met some of the family for a drink and a chat.

I had a wander around the garden when we got back to check out the state of play with the apples - there are lots

There is also plenty of colour too

Looking forward to seeing what we have in the new - very much smaller - garden, not long now

25 August 2017

The saga continues

Whoever ranked moving house up there below bereavement got it about right.  This past week has been frustrating and emotional in more ways than one.  Wrangles over a completion date between the two parties below us, then when finally everyone is ready to exchange a solicitor goes awol.  I guess he decided he'd rather slip away early for the holiday weekend.  We are now left waiting til Tuesday, but at least have a moving date of 14 September, though can put nothing into place until exchange has happened.  Sigh.

Here's a picture to make you smile, this child knows no fear

There is something else that we have been keeping to ourselves, our eldest daughter and her family are heading for pastures new, starting a new life in France.  You can follow their adventure here.  We will be sad to see them go, but plan on spending as much time as possible with them in France to help them achieve their dream.  As you can imagine that would be hard with us both working, so to that end we will be retiring at the end of October and making good use of our time both there and at home (we have so much to do on our new place!).  I'm trying hard not to think about them being in a different country.  If they had moved to Scotland or right down in the west country it would take as long to visit them.  I guess we have just got used to them being 45 minutes away.  I know that lots of people have families spread all over the world, so France is just a hop across the channel, or rather under, don't do boats!

My knitting has been going slowly whilst we try to sort and pack up the house, but I have got my Mdina cardigan finished.  I have also cast on the first of 4 Christmas sweaters for the grandchildren, that should be fun!  I have made all the "bits" for them all whilst waiting for the yarn to arrive.  I'll share as I progress.

So that is our news for now.  I hope you all have a great holiday weekend, looks like the weather is going to be good.  We will be sorting and packing, then finally getting round to an afternoon tea which we were gifted last year, I think we deserve it after the week we've had.........

13 August 2017

Holding your breath

It has felt like we have been holding our breath this past week.

We returned home on Saturday from a lovely family holiday.  I won't say we were relaxed, but we had a fun, hectic, noisy time, HOT, one where you get to spend quality time with the whole family in one place.

On returning there was the usual post to go through, a few enquiries from the solicitor re the house sale, nothing much. Monday email from solicitor arranging a meeting to sign contracts, then comes the call from the agent.  Our buyers have lost their buyers at the 11th hour, shock, disappointment, all those plans put in place, now on hold........  I have to hand it to our agent, she pulled one out of the bag.  She contacted all the previous viewers that had offered on their house and fortunately one of them was still interested, to cut a long story short, everything is back on again as of yesterday.  I have to confess I had a few tears, I hadn't realised how tense I had been all week, so it was back to the packing.  I guess we are a few weeks further away from moving than we would have been, but as long as it happens we don't mind.

Here are a few photos from the holiday and this past week........ and breathe..........

Laurie had a birthday

Stu cycled Mount Ventoux THREE times in one day!!!

Bit of knitting

Doesn't look impressed does he?

Helping Pops

16 July 2017

Still sorting

The sorting and sifting goes on.  This weekend hubby has borrowed a van from work and we have been going through the outbuildings and getting rid of all that stuff you keep "just in case".  Its actually quite enjoyable.  We even found my old electric typewriter, popped it on Facebook and hey presto it has a new home.

Some of the surplus furniture is being collected today.  As soon as I empty something that we don't need I list it and in most cases it has a new home.

Going to the tip was interesting, the guys that work there obviously have an eye to what they can make money from and were soon "helping" us unload, "oh just put that there luv"!!  To be honest more than happy for someone to recycle our unwanted items.

I spent some of yesterday packing up my craft/yarn supplies and books........ Peter walked in and said "where were you hiding that lot"

Its not till you get it all out that you realise what you have, really not sure where it will all go.

Today's plan is to go through all the pots in the garden and match them with saucers and put out anything mismatched or chipped, then go round and collect up and put in one area anything we plan to take with us. Then another trip to the tip.

Fortunately our buyers have agreed to take all the sofas in the barn, the climbing frame and playhouse and most importantly the chickens, we don't have room for the girls and they wouldn't fit in with our future plans anyway without involving others to care for them, which frankly would be a real pain. So it all seems to be coming together. We still don't have a moving date, but at least we will be trimmed down to just what we want to keep.

On Wednesday I am going to the "new house" with one of my kitchen designers and our electrician so they can scope out what needs doing.  I think the kitchen will be designed by committee, all of them have an opinion on what we should have, when you work in a showroom, there are so many lovely ideas and styles - spoiled for choice, especially when surrounded by it all day. It will be a vast improvement from whats there currently so we really can't go wrong.

enjoy your Sunday.......

Forgot to show you my knitting - both from stash oddments

for Jess

for Gus

24 June 2017

What to keep, what to throw?

With the house sold and a new one purchased - subject to contracts; our thoughts go to sorting out.

We have been in this house for 18 years and have accumulated a lot of "stuff".   As this move is a downsizing exercise I am slowly doing that.  Its funny how your taste changes over the years, add to the fact we currently live in a house built in 1910 and we are buying one built in the late 60's, they are very different properties.  What suits this house just won't look the same in the new.  I also feel a need to lighten our life.  Out with the ornaments not that I have that many, out with the dark furniture, I want light and clutter free.

The house that we are buying needs some major updating, remodelling, new boiler, kitchen, carpets, curtains, shower room, storage.  Loads of wallpaper to get rid of - elderly lady lived here - we even have a stair lift, that is coming out once everyone has had a ride on it!! We have our work cut out. The bonus of working in a kitchen design studio means I have a ready army of trades to call on, and I have 3 kitchen designers to help me choose the right units/appliances for my kitchen.  The trouble there is I keep changing my mind about what I want.  Its hard when surrounded by kitchen displays and door samples all week!

The garden is small in comparison to what we have now, but with some conifer/overgrown shrub removal will be a space we can use and hopefully enjoy.  Its a lovely sunny garden and I look forward to making it our own.

We seem to have had a fair bit on recently and my knitting really has taken a back seat.  I have been working on a sweater for Gus for weeks now and making very slow progress.  I have actually completed the front - below - and am half way up the plain back, just as well the weather is warm so he won't be needing this anytime soon. Don't ask about my Mdina cardigan that's not been out the bag for ages.

Last weekend we went to a concert at Blenheim Palace - Jamie Cullum, Corrine Bailey Rae and Gregory Porter.  It was such a lovely day for an outside event and a very enjoyable concert apart from the people that feel they need to talk all the way through.  Why?  When I go to a concert I come to listen not chat!

Sunday we whizzed up to Stamford for Rufus' 7th birthday. 7 can you believe it, time certainly does fly.  We had a great day and a major water fight, I did manage to stay reasonably dry, but no photos.

No plans for this weekend other than to tackle a few more cupboards and tidy the garden a bit.  We don't have a move date yet but I feel I need to make a start rather than be rushed and end up moving stuff we don't really want.  Have fun whatever you are doing.  Until next time