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15 January 2017

40 not out

Happy Sunday everyone, today Peter and I have been married for 40 years.  Can you believe it 40 years.  How did we get to be old enough to have been married that long?

We treated ourselves to a lovely weekend away in Norfolk.  The Victoria Inn in Holkham to be precise.  We stayed in the Ancient House and our room was Waterden, you can see all the rooms on the link.  It was roomy and comfortable, lovely toiletries, complimentary Prosecco in the fridge, whats not to like.  The Victoria does really good food too, we ate far too much but we did do lots of walking on Saturday.  It was a beautiful, cold day, unlike today which was WET.

Chimney pots on the Ancient House
We walked about 14 miles, my phone ran out of charge at some point around the 8.5 mile mark (I took too many photos on it) and we walked for a further 3 hours.  Here are some of the views, love Norfolk, where the sky reaches the sea.

and here we are 40 years ago - baby faced
Here's to the next 40 years.......... love you Peter xx

9 January 2017

Starting the year

Can we still say Happy New Year on the 9th January?

This year is getting off to a positive start.  My friend Sally and I are organising an Easter Bazaar in aid of Alzheimer's Research UK, check out our events page on Facebook.  If you are considering giving to charity this year, then why not make it Alzheimer/Dementia Research in your given country?

Granny's World will be having a stall at the event, still deciding what I will make, but there will be some Easter themed items.

2017 has seen plenty of knitting action so far, I have completed 3 projects, all of which I am happy with especially as 2 of them are for me!

Gallatin scarf for me

Quasar Shawl also for me, this has a few amendments to it

2nd yoked cardigan for Jess
That's it for now.  Good luck to two friends that are having operations this week and to anyone currently battling for illness/pain, you know who you are xx

29 December 2016

2016 - a mixed bag year

Here we are, 29th December and only 2 days left of this year.

As I look through my year there have been lots of good along with the sad. I didn't blog as often as previous years but here are some of the highlights:-

I was 60!. The birth of young Angus (Gus) in May.  A trip to Chelsea. Three good holidays - you may remember New York, France (there are actually 4 posts on this), then of course Southwold .

I have accomplished loads of knitting, according to Ravelry I have completed 58 projects - you can check out most of my projects here. Awards for my bouquet - magazine and 1st prize

I have been getting to grips with my iphone camera and attended a workshop in March.  I have to admit to not using my big camera anywhere near as much, and to be honest I miss it, but the camera phone is always there, no fuss.

So many celebrity deaths, I guess the older we get the more likely that people we have grown up with leave us.  Fact of life, but sad nonetheless. I try not to dwell on the sad things in life, but they are always in the back of your mind.

We had a lovely christmas, I didn't take many photos, but here are a few

We are currently off work, and have been getting out and enjoying the frosty weather.  Here are a few snaps from our walks yesterday and today

So that was our year, I do wonder what 2017 has in store for us.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year from Granny's World - Sue xx

16 December 2016

Christmas greetings

Sharing this years' trees and a note I shared on Facebook explaining the reason we aren't sending cards this year

Dear Friends,

I am writing to explain why I won’t be sending Christmas cards this year.

For some time now our mum has been displaying signs of memory loss. At first we put it down to the stress of my father being so ill, then to grief over his death last September. This past year has seen our mum go rapidly downhill and it became obvious that our father had been covering for her for a while. At the end of August she became very poorly and was unable to care for herself even with the help of my brother and sister in law who live close by.

The doctor suggested some respite care and a place was found locally to her. Whilst she had had several memory checks she had never been formally assessed, this was urgently put into place and in November we were told she was suffering from vascular dementia. As you can imagine this was a relief as well as a great sadness. Mum is now in the dementia unit of the care home and being taken care of by people more able to cater for her growing needs.

So this year, and possibly for the foreseeable future I plan to make a donation to the work of Alzheimers Research UK, whilst my donation is too late for mum, it may help someone else’s parent in the future.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, love Sue and Peter

If you give to charity you might like to consider Alzheimers Research UK, this disease is growing fast especially as we living longer........

4 December 2016

Walking the lunch off

Sunday roast.  We've not done that in an age, usually choosing to eat our main meal in the evening.

Rachel and the little ones came for the day whilst Stu was at a bike event, so we got in a leg of lamb in and had all the trimmings.  I wish you could have seen the plateful that Jess ate but she did it proud.  We followed that up with apple crumble and custard.  Once that was all demolished and cleared up we decided that a walk was in order. It was a beautiful afternoon, chilly and bright.

I never tire of these views, the sun was a glorious ball of fire.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as we did.  Now to put my feet up and finish off Jess' cardigan, just the front bands to do.  She is going to look so cute in it (she already tried it for me and it fits perfectly)